(See Rule-51)

PART-*A* Identity of applicant


  1. Name:
  2. Fathers’s/husband’s name:
  3. Place of birth (Nativity):
  4. date of birth in Christian era both in words and figures:
  5. Present Address:

a)      Nearest police station:

  1. Permanent Address:

a)      Nearest police station:

  1. Occupation and designation of office

       held if any together with address:





  1.                                                                              Signature/thumb impression


PART-B Other particulars of applicant


  1. Whether the applicant has been-

a)      convicted-if so, the offence (s), the

      sentence and date of sentence:

b)      ordered to execute a bond under chapter

      VI of Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973

      For keeping the peace or for good behaviour

      If so, when and for what period:

c)      Prohibited under the Arms Act1959 or other

Law from having arms/ammunition:

  1.       a)  Whether the applicant applied for a license before,

                  if so, when, to whom and with what result:

                  b)  Whether the applicant’s license was ever suspended

      or cancelled/revoked-if so, when and by whom and

      on what ground:

       c)  Whether any other member’s of the applicant’s

      family is in possession of an arms license if so,

      particulars there of:


  1.    Whether the applicant

a)      is a license exemtee, if so, description

      of the arms help:

b)      has a safe place to keep the arms:

c)      is a bonafide tourist, if so,

(i)  Name of the country to which he belongs:

(ii) Whether he is prohibited by the laws of

       his country from having in his possession

       any arms and ammunition:

(iii) The probable date of his arrival in India:





  1. Need for license:
  2. The form in which the license is required:
  3. Description of arms ammunition:
  4.  a) Area with in which applicant wishes to carry arms

 b) Place where arms ammunition will be kept

     manufactured etc. :

b)      Place route of import/export transport:

  1. Other particulars required as in the relevant

license form:

  1. Any claim for special consideration:


PART-D for applicant requiring license for

Import/export/transport re-export and re-import

  1. a) Whether the previous sanction of the

           concerned authority required under

           rule 50 if any has been obtained, and

           if so:

      b) The evidence in support there of:





      I hereby declare that the above particulars given in the application are true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that in the event of any information being found false or incorrect at my stage, I am liable to be proceeded against and action taken under the relevant provisions of the Arms Act 1959, the Arms Rules 1962 and other central enactments or the law for the time being in force.



                                                                                          Signature/thumb impression






WARNING: Suppression of any factual information or furnishing of any false or wrong information in the application form in violation of rule 51-A will render the applicant liable for punishment under section 30 of the Arms Act, 1959.